Sustainability and Awards

Our Ethos

Lussmanns is founded on the fundamental belief that it’s possible to be ethical and profitable.

We believe that eating out can have a restorative impact on the planet. Since 2002, we have pioneered sustainable dining – championing local sourcing, promoting organic, high-welfare farming and serving MSC – certified fish. Our restaurants run on green energy, we recycle 100% of all waste and support a wide range of charities.

By eating at Lussmanns you are helping us to achieve our next goal of becoming certified carbon neutral and in the words of the Independent on Sunday, to be ‘ethical, delicious and preach-free’.

Andrei Lussmann Signature
Sustainable Restaurant Association Food made Good Award Winner 2019

Our aWards

Andrei Lussmann collects the MSC Menu of the Year Award

Andrei Lussmann collects the MSC Menu of the Year Award

Community Support

As part of our commitment to sustainability, it’s our pleasure to support our employees, suppliers, partners and local communities.  Find out more.

Our Great British Suppliers

We take pride in bringing you the best British food ~ from farm to table.  From the highest welfare in British farming to supporting global farmers to working with local beer producers Lussmanns continues to search out the very best.   Find out more.

How we Source

Woodland-Reared Pork


Free-range British Saddleback pork, from a champion breed of pigs naturally reared in Sussex, has been supplied by our farmer, Will since 2007.


Grass-fed and
Organic Beef

Our organic mince is certified by the Soil Association, and our dry-aged grass fed ribeye steaks come from award-winning Donald Russell.

MSC Sustainable Fish

Sustainable Fish

Seafood with this mark comes from a fishery that has been independently certified to the Marine Stewardship Council’s standard for a well-managed and sustainable fishery. MSC-C-53712

Free-Range Chicken


Bred in Warwickshire, our fantastic British Label Anglais Red Cornish and White Rock chickens grow to full maturity, creating a more satisfying flavour.

Organic Mutton


Our organic mutton is born, bred and reared on the lush grass at Rhug Estate Organic Farm in Denbighshire, Wales with the highest animal welfare standards.

What we do


A discretionary 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill. 50% of your tip goes to waiting staff, with the remaining 50% shared among team members who contribute to your dining experience.


Since 2012 we have recycled all our waste so that nothing goes to landfill. Your leftovers are anaerobically composted to produce renewable energy.​


Every year, we assist a wide range of charities and local community events. Since 2017 we have donated over £35,500 to local charities and our current partner is the Trussell Trust.


More than 95% of the food you eat here is grown or produced in the UK. We further minimise our impact on the environment by supporting ethical, welfare driven and British farmers.