Lussmanns Lands Sustainable Seafood Prize at Food Made Good Awards 2018

Lussmanns Sustainable Fish & Grill lived up to its name on Monday 1st October, winning the Source Fish Responsibly award at the Food Made Good Awards 2018, the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s (SRA) annual industry accolades for the most progressive purveyors of food and drink.

This award was one of 17 presented at a special ceremony at FEST Camden in London. The Food Made Good Awards recognise restaurants and foodservice businesses whose extraordinary accomplishments in the last year are helping diners use the power of their appetites wisely.

Andrei Lussmann, founder of Lussmanns said “we’re absolutely delighted to have won this award; it has always been a personal mission to make ethical and sustainable dining accessible to all – without the pomp and preach.  Congratulations to the runners-up and other category winners, I’m delighted to be a part of the drive for a better food future”.

If it isn’t from plentiful stocks, there’s a minnow’s chance of a fishy making it onto the dishy at these five Hertfordshire restaurants. Marine Stewardship Council certified species rule the waves at Lussmanns. The award is reward for more than five years’ commitment to serving customers an ever-increasing variety and quantity of sustainable seafood. Diners at Lussmanns can now enjoy ten different seafood dishes created from eight species – 90% of which are MSC certified. Cod cheeks, mackerel, crab, hake and bream are just some of those that feature on the menu.

Andrew Stephen, Chief Executive of the SRA, said: “Choosing seafood on a menu can be a minefield; particularly for anyone who cares if there are plenty more fish in the sea. Lussmanns offers its customers a rare combination; a wide choice of affordable, sustainable seafood dishes. It’s a winning recipe that diners should tuck into and every restaurant should look to emulate.”

The Source Fish Responsibly award is designed to recognise foodservice businesses which have taken decisive action to serve their customers delicious seafood dishes while ensuring there are plenty more fish in the sea, helping diners through what can be murky waters.