Lussmanns wins MSC UK Menu of the Year for a second time

Lussmanns Sustainable Fish & Grill has been awarded the prestigious Menu of the Year for the second consecutive year at the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) UK’s annual awards, in a virtual live-streamed ceremony from the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth.

The award recognises Lussmanns’ strong commitment to sourcing MSC certified fish and seafood, as well as the extensive variety of MSC-certified species on the menu. Working closely with their supplier Stickleback Fish Company, current fish on the menu includes MSC smoked haddock, Manx kipper and cod cheeks.

Andrei Lussmann, Managing Director and founder of Lussmanns, said: “Winning the MSC Menu of the Year award for a second consecutive year is a huge achievement for my team at Lussmanns and our supporting fish wholesalers, Stickleback Fish. We cannot lose sight of the gigantic environmental matters of our time. MSC forges ahead with its worldwide ‘blue fish label’, motivating both business and customers to choose wisely and, in doing so, helping to sustain our most valuable food source and the world’s richest eco habitat. Lussmanns will continue to put MSC certification first when planning future menus.”

Loren Hiller, MSC Senior Commercial Officer UK & Ireland, continues: “Winning this award for the second year in a row is a great testament to Lussmanns long-standing commitment to bringing sustainable dining options to the high street. In a time when supporting sustainable fisheries is more important than ever, Lussmanns have continued to be a leader in offering their customers traceable, sustainable seafood. I’d like to congratulate Lussmanns for helping to further our collective impact to ensure seafood suppliers are safeguarding into the future.”

Lussmanns still works to the same cornerstones it was founded on – that it’s absolutely possible to be both ethical and profitable while continuing to adapt and evolve in an ever-changing hospitality industry. Strict on traceability and with an unwavering on a commitment to sustainability, Lussmanns offers a menu with nothing to hide that consistently delivers.