Lussmanns Group Head Chef Nick Mcgeown
Profile of Group Head Chef Nick Mcgeown
They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Lussmanns Group Head Chef Nick Mcgeown might just be the
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Lussmanns Garden Gin - By Jakes Gin
The green fingers responsible for our House Gin
How many restaurants grow the herbs for their own gin? Yeah, we can’t think of many or any either. It’s
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Lussmanns Hertford in Lockdown
What Next for Restaurants?
With 80% of all UK hospitality staff now furloughed, there are empty pubs and boarded-up restaurants and cafes up and
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Pazo la Maza Albariño
Wine Visit to Galicia, Spain
Should wine trips be a tiresome journey where fun is replaced by apathy and bonding lost to exertion? I hope
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Junior paella
Feed Children Well
My feeling is that eating out with children in a restaurant should be a continuation of what happens at the
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MSC Certification
Ethics at the core
Running an independent restaurant is a job and a half, and that’s just the hours. Throw in ever declining margins,
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Rewarding Good Service
As a restaurateur, what stands out most in the ongoing debate about tipping is the complexity of the issue and
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Andrei Lussmann (image by Ren Behan)
Food for thought
The food scene in St Albans has matured greatly during the last decade. As it continues to grow, the city
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Greetings from St Tropez
Once again, I was fortunate enough to travel over to Provence with a view to buying some excellent rosé from
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Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and Raymond Blanc (image by SRA)
At the SRA Awards
Winners of the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) Awards 2015 were announced at Oval Space. I am delighted for the second
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