Lussmanns shortlisted for Food Made Good Awards 2017

Lussmanns is one of three finalists in the ‘Serve More Veg & Better Meat’ category of the Food Made Good Awards 2017, the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s (SRA) annual industry leading accolades. The award is one of 17 that will be presented by SRA President Raymond Blanc and Vice President Prue Leith, at a special ceremony on 5 October at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Lindley Hall.

The Food Made Good Awards recognise restaurants and food service businesses whose extraordinary accomplishments in the last year have driven progress in the industry and demonstrated that all food can be made delicious, ethical and sustainable.

In 2016, Lussmanns was voted ‘People’s Favourite’ [pdf] and named runners-up for Sustainable Small Restaurant Group of the Year Award, a title that they won in 2014 [pdf] and 2015 [pdf].

This year’s Serve More Veg and Better Meat award is designed to recognise operators demonstrating innovative ways of meeting customer demand for more delicious and nutritious vegetable based dishes. The SRA’s current campaign on this issue has restaurants to drastically increase the proportion of vegetables on their menus as well as make subtle but effective changes to their menu layout and language.

Raymond Blanc, who is also curating the lunch at the awards ceremony, said: “The Food Made Good Awards are so critical, recognising the work and commitment of individuals and organisations responsible for bringing new ethics to our food production, and sharing those values in our kitchens and with consumers.

“The awards truly remind us why we are so proud to work in this industry. Food and its production touches every part of our lives; it will define the society and communities of tomorrow, as well as our health and the health of the planet. Each and every one of the shortlisted businesses have demonstrated food’s huge potential as a force for good. I am honoured to play some part in rewarding their significant achievements.”