Lussmanns achieves MSC certification

In November 2014, we became the first small restaurant group outside London to serve MSC certified sustainable fish and shellfish. Watch our video to find out why:

By supporting MSC certified fishermen, we and our diners are helping to protect fish stocks and ensure a healthy future for the oceans.

Andrei Lussmann explained the move: “Eating fish sustainably is the only way – today and every day. We have great respect for the Marine Stewardship Council and our new partnership is an important part of our aim to make sustainable dining accessible to everyone. Running restaurants with an environmental bias is a modern day discipline that we ignore at our peril. The MSC’s advice and guidance will help us to continue combining an ethical and sustainable approach with a passionate commitment to providing first class food and service to every diner.”

George Clark, Commercial Manager for the MSC said: “Sometimes making a difference is hard, but sometimes it’s a real pleasure. Eating MSC certified fish at Lussmanns is definitely the most pleasant way to help promote sustainable fishing! It’s particularly great that Lussmanns are starting their MSC certified menu with cod, a fish that a lot of people think they have to avoid and yet there are now plentiful supplies available from healthy stocks in the northern Atlantic fisheries.”