Salsa Verde

If like us, you love a good sauce to accompany your main dish but aren’t confident enough to make a hollandaise or bernaise, fear not. By the time you’ve watched this short film and mastered this simple sauce for the ages, you’ll never look back.

Pretty much every nation’s cuisine has its own version of a ‘green sauce’. We’ve chosen the Italian one for no better reason that that it’s Andrei’s favourite! “I have it with everything,” he says. Most commonly, it’s served with fish, but we reckon you’ll love the simplicity and umami flavours so much you’ll be dishing it up with steaks too – as Andrei does.

The easy-to-follow recipe in the film includes capers, anchovies, basil, parsley and olive oil, but do feel free to add or substitute other herbs and even a chilli if you fancy.

So, ingredients at the ready and watch the film.

Once you’ve mastered the sauce, why not try making some fishcakes as the perfect partner. 



15g anchovies
2.5g capers, rinsed
75ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/4 bunch flat or curly parsley, stalks removed
1/4 bunch green basil, stalks removed


    1. Discard the herb stalks and roughly
      chop the leaves.

      Wash capers under cold water.

      In a food processor add the herbs,
      capers and anchovy and blend – slowly
      adding the oil until smooth.

      Keep in the fridge.

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