Coq au Vin

Some dishes are so evocative they really do capture the essence of a nation’s cuisine. As Lussmanns Group Head Chef, Nick says, this Coq au Vin is ‘farmhouse on a plate’. French farmhouse of course.

The beauty of it is that as well as being really fragrant and tasty it’s oh so simple to make.

While some French chefs might raise their eyebrows at the instruction to use white wine rather than red, Nick and I reckon it makes for a better all-round flavour. Helping you keep an eye on your pocket you can use up what’s left in an open bottle too.

Keeping with the waste saving theme, we use plenty of basil in this recipe – including the stalks.  Along with some garlic, chilli and beef stock, this dish really does pack a taste punch.

Oh, and don’t forget that when it comes to the star of the show – the chicken – be sure that you go high welfare. We use the fantastic Label Anglais.

Simply watch the how-to film here.



1000g Free range chicken legs, split thigh & drumstick
300g tomato wedges
25g beef bouillon
1 bunch fresh basil
12g fresh chilli, seeds removed
150ml water
300ml cooking white wine
160g red onion
20g garlic
50ml olive oil
25g butter
Salt & pepper to taste

    1. Add the oil & butter to a frying pan and heat on the stove.

      Add the chicken and cook until beginning to turn golden brown.

      Then remove the chicken and leave to rest.

      In the same frying pan add the sliced red onions and cook slowly until
      caramelised (do not burn) but needs colour.

      Place chicken back into the pan.

      Then add the basil, tomatoes, garlic, chilli, white wine and bouillon.

      Bring to the boil.

      Cover with tin foil (so it doesn’t dry out in the oven) and place in oven at
      180° C for around 75 mins or until the meat starts to fall off the bone.

      Remove from the oven.

      Season to taste & serve.

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