Great British beer ~ again

Beer, an old fashioned and classless preserve of Britain in its multitude of colours is once again stirring the cockles and beer mats of many an Englishman. Awoken from a seemingly drunken slumber the business of all things beer is changing like that of its more exotic cousin before – coffee.

In a corner of every liver up and down our country the desire to drink is feeling the quiet wind of change. Breweries; small, interesting, creative and passionate like those great names such as Joshua Tetley are once again springing from hamlet to city, from the Cotswolds to Greenwich and the song they sing is all things craft. Beer made by the very architects of what made our breweries the toast of the world long long ago is once again in our bones.

Today we start to enjoy a quiet drift across counties and classes alike, a steer away from all things geo-European and sold by the oil tanker load. As Grain Brewery is proud to state “driven by a love of great beers, a distaste for big business, a desire for a fresh start and a healthy dose of insanity” this surely is what it’s all about. We can now use our own produce, recycle our own glass, design our material and finally drink more and more of our own great beer.

Food, drink and people up and down our land are once more ploughing, producing and presenting stuff to be proud of. Once again like those on the banks of Stoke’s potteries or the smoggy estuaries of the Thames where traders enjoyed the spice of travel and all things exotic we now are on the verge of embracing great British beer again.

We at Lussmanns love our British heritage and take great pride that our beer list supports only UK brewers. Please enjoy a great article written by the eminent Roger Protz, author of more than 200 books on beer and editor of The Good Beer Guide.

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