Eating fish with Raymond

Eating fish sustainably is the only way, today and every day, and we ignore this at our peril. 

Mansion House in the heart of the square mile was a grand setting for the annual City of London Sustainable City Awards. With Raymond Blanc OBE both presenting and judging our food category, ‘sustainable fish’, it was a delight to be both shortlisted following our interview at Fishmongers Hall and finally to be presented with the runner-up trophy in this national competition. I’ m not sure what was bigger – getting a picture with the big cheese Monsieur Blanc or receiving the fish award.

In winning the RSPCA Good Business Independent Restaurant award quickly followed by picking up a 2011 Green Apple Award at the House of Commons it felt great to once again be recognised for our efforts in sourcing both ethically and sustainably.

But, after many years of persevering with our ethics, which does come at a cost to the the bottom line, it is the appreciation we hold for our many locals who have kept us in business. Though TV ads don’t help we must try and return to an older way where good food starts in the home, reiterated at school and supported by legislation; we as business must set the example.

By making time, cooking from fresh and appreciating the value of food at the table we will naturally allow fish densities to grow and the welfare of the meat we rear to become a central ingredient in how and where we spend our £ both at home and in the restaurant.

For more information see: Sustainable Restaurant Association, Fish2Fork, Sustainable Fish Cities

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